Farscape Tv Show Yellow Drd Build


We poked around about doing this a year ago but where to start got us hung up! Due to the DRD Strange shape and size larger that the makerbot , 3d printing the whole shell as one piece was not possible. However drawing details and then applying them to a hand made oval body is totally doable! This is the start of the project , I wanted to get something together that could be shared with the rest of the community. Once details are glued on then you can use a DREMEL to dig out the cavities between details. This is what makes them POP!


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On the "To-Do" list

- 3d model and print the cylinder light in the center. I may consider making this so a ez robot camera can fit inside here.

- make a mechanism that pops up that periscope light on demand.

- craft the three doors

- cut a ring to go around the bottom that will later be cast in clear resin.

-make eye stalks. I would like to make them have a few joints and they could be manipulated with fishing line type filament that feeds down into the body and connected to 9g micro servos.

- make the laser gun that pops out from under the door.


Your off to a great start. Looking great so far with the detailing you have. I remember seeing a thread a while ago about making one of these. I look forward to seeing your progress with this as this was something I wanted to do myself, but never got around to it. What are your plans for the drive system? Are you going by way of the Roomba, or a custom drivetrain?


A roomba is a round circle for a body so you can't really stuff it inside. I don't know what drive system I will use yet. Gear motors are an option and so are nema 17 steppers. A high torque servo modified for continuous rotation is also a option. I believe I will do a skid steer option instead of the RC car version. The show had a RC car under the body in most scenes.


Actually a roomba just might fit, a drd's base is about 14" x 10", a roomba is about 13" in diameter. However the guts are just under 10" in diameter, so it is doable. Also if you can supply the 3d model I can print a solid piece. My printer's build area is 15"x15"x17".


My school district just purchased some ez-robot kits and 3d printers and a DRD would be a great project. I know this thread is old but I was wondering how far a long you got with yours.


Hey , I started this project before I bought my house and I do most my robot work when it gets cold outside so I am just now getting back into the swing of things. I need to clean up the shell and 3d print some parts and then I can cast it. I am happy to sell some copies to people


@Josh, i also want one!

@rolland - you can also 3d print any of the Revolution robots! When you view a robot in the store, for example Six Hexapod, JD Humanoid or AdventureBot (the easiest), click on the CAD FILES tab and voila, there's all the 3d printable parts!

You can also press the 3D Printing menu option on this community forum to access ALL of ez-robot 3d printable parts: http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Revolution