My Real Size Wall.e Have A Job As Sales Promotion International Robotic Contest


finally my real size Wal.e out of the house and work using Ez-Board, although there is a little problem with the wheel mechanism and his legs he still doing a good job.

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That's fantastic! I LOVE WALLE


Wow Nice work @EricEZ!

I really like the scale of your wall-E!


yep thats a big wall E,great job.


Hi All,...

Thankyou so much,, thats because all of you, wall.e have a good lifes now... Smile


Your Wall-E is so cool. I can't believe how the people in the room were just ignoring it as if they see full size Wall-E robots wandering around every day. At least 2 people almost stepped on him.



halo @Alan ,

The first came WALL.E many take the attention of many who asked to take photos with, the video was taken last moment so not so crowded

Thankyou so much Alan Smile


You're an artist Eric... I have access to modern tools, 3d printers and a Home Depot credit card and I still couldn't make the quality of things that you make out of basically stuff thrown away... Amazing Dude...


hello @Richard R ,

thankyou so much... Smile


EricEZ Really great build, I've always enjoyed the Wall.E and yours is the best.