Xlr-rov-r1 Mobil Research Droid Or Mrd-1



The XLRobots ROV-R Science Droid.
Finally have the time,space and materials to make this cool science droid.

The pics below represent the first test print which will be done as soon as i finish the XLR-ONE Mini pre-orders( about a week). The droid will be based on the Mini scale. If all goes well then i will offer a larger scale. The droid requires 10 HD servos, 1x6v PowerSonic battery,EZB-V4 w/camera,28 led's,4x sonic sensors. Im looking at a kit cost of $199 without hardware. More details to follow and look for videos on the build and progress at https://www.youtube.com/c/xlrobots.
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Oh, I really like this one!


@ DJ Sures Thanks.


Ok Anthony!... I want to print and build one of these... Nice design Smile Will you design this so that smaller 3d printers like the Flashforge Creator Pro will be able to print the parts?


Ya, That would be great to print and build one these, but Richard, I think Anthony will be selling them rather than putting it out there "open source".


I figured that much... was hoping he would sell the stl files as well... However, I do realize that people can share stls for free so that may not be an option for Anthony... Still, nice design... Smile


@Rich R on the good side, my parts are way less than other kits. My kits are more stylish,interchangeable and can be custom tailored when ordering. Examples would be the motors, my kits are designed to be made with Standard Servos, but if the buyer wants to use dc motors or steppers i will altar the design to fit them...free of charge. You also do have the worry of failed prints. Each print is professionally printed and ready for to assemble out of the box.


OK, this is a original design I can really get behind. Pure inspiration and exciting! I can see this roving around my house picking up dog toys and putting them away. Smile


@dave Thanks man, I had a similar idea with my kids toys all over the place.


Just revised this project.