Holiday Video U Command Wall-e And Sled Buildup


I spent yesterday and today building walle and a sled to shoot a video which hopefully I can get all the footage tommorow if it is not raining.

Plot : Walle is looking over the Christmas list and "Oh No!" We are missing the most important gift! Walle peels out of the driveway and takes off to find the post office and retrieve the package. I'm thinking of flames trailing behind walle like "back to the future". He passes by some cool landmarks and stops to " look at his map". After a few seconds of traveling frantically, Walle arrives at the post office. With his loaded up sled he drags the Six EZ Robot package back home passing through the same places he did to get there. Once home he pushes the the ez robot package up under the tree. He says " Ta Da" and now Christmas is complete!

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Walle Sled, Done!, it is wooden and painted with red acrylic paint. It has casters on the bottom to roll well since there really is not opportunity for snow here.
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It is JUST WIDE ENOUGH, to fit the Six EZ Robot package so that wall-e can tote it home. Smile


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Continuous servo test for walle, power HD 1501mg:

Testing wall-e neck servo movement:

Drive servos test after mounting them , spinning in place ,Wall-e build:


@josh Polymorph? why didnt you 3d print the parts?


Because they would have been a nightmare to draw and hours to print.


Nice work and a good plot !


What fun! Good luck with the contest. I bet your going to give everyone a true run for the money!

I really gotta get some of that Polymorph. It looks like the poor man's 3D printer. Winky


Haha, Thanks Dave , I am trying to win this one Winky x Anthony is assisting me in pasting the scenes together and adding a handful of "walle sound effects" , so I must give him a shout out.