Vanilla Ice


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For pics and progress on Vanilla's Nixie Tube Eyes, Click Here One Time!


Take heed, some day he'll be a lyrical poet... for now let's focus on scrubbing the 27 years of lead battery acid and insect detritus from his yellowing shell - with a little help from Jacques the crab and, ever the looky-loo, Mr. Bubble!

I wanted to called this guy Mr. White Christmas but my son Z was set on Vanilla Ice. He's in the early planning stages and remains as yet unmodified. And here he is all uncovered and bare, getting his clean on before his eventual transmogrification...

Let's kick it!
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Wait, am I in a Bathtub?
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I Clean You Now!
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Club Shower:
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Missed a Spot:
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The Full Monty:
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HAHA I love those pics!!!! The second with his arms up is my fav!

I haven't tried this yet, but there is a mixture called Retro Bright that you can make. Information is here: clickity click

If you try it, i'd love to hear about your experience and results


Oh boy, a good excuse to play with potentially lethal chemicals - don't think I can pass this up! I'll try to get all the ingredients together this week and I'll be sure to document the results...

Actually pretty excited to see how well it works!


It's alive!! First signs of life from Vanilla's tape player after a long night of intensive surgery. Good thing Grampa was a TV/VCR repairman...

1984 tech! mmm mmmm good...

Click To Watch Video


HA! Wicked! Are you going to keep the tape player around?


Absolutely! I have plenty of friends (relatively speaking) with tape collections they can no longer play. Planning to set it up so you can easily transfer tapes to CD/DVD/MP3; re-purposing the original PCBs wherever possible.

I'm thinking pretty much anyone about 35 and older will want to pop in one of their old favorite tapes!

What did you do with your tape player/internals? I'd gladly pay for shipping/handling if you want to get rid of it!!

Working on replacing the connectors and wiring for the microphone input right now...


HAHA That's hilarious! I have my original tape player. I keep all the parts i take out of these robots in case i need to scavenge them for a roller or gear or something. You can gladly have it Smile ... I also have one from another robot Robie Sr, that I haven't started hacking yet.

Did you try the whitening mixture?


Awesome! If I submit an order for another EZ-B can you include the tape drives/internal goodies with the order?

Had my son this weekend and was waiting for when he wasn't here to break out the toxins. Was shooting for later this week or this coming weekend to get all mad scientist up in here...


That's a good idea. I'll bring the tape drives to solarbotics tomorrow for your shipment. hold off until tomorrow to place the order.

I'm excited to hear the results of that whitening stuff Grin


First Blood: Removed excess material from front and back of head to make it perfectly round. Used Dremel at low speed with EZ Lock plastic cutting wheel. Finished edges with X-ACTO knife (very carefully) and foam sanding block

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