Rolling Bot Ez Robot Experiment


Rolling Bot EZ Robot Experiment,
This is an experiment using EZ Robot after watching Hackaday mini gravity robot.
I wanted to see what EZ Robot would do.
Parts List
2- continuous rotation servos
2- Maxwell House coffee lids
1 EZ Robot EZB3
1- one by two
1 -turnigy Lipo battery
numerous screws
The EZ Robot version appeared much simpler then the Arduino version.
The robot balances because the weight is below the center of gravity of the coffee lid centers.
This was just an experiment, but I have many ideas to use this application.
It was fun to build and explore! Grandkids loved playing with it.
I love tinkering and EZ Robot is a great way to accomplish that..
Steve S

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good start maybe for a balancing robot.


Excellent job!


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This is cool!