At Home With Jd


I took the evening off to chill at home with JD for my first time Smile. I tweaked many of the existing motions to be more fluid and not as clunky, it was a lot of fun! I didn't know this, but EZ-Robot is actually really cool!

Now I understand what all the hype is about.


Nice , that is smoother


Looks sweet! I like the new sit action too, very smooth and stylish!


Thanks! That's new every action. I started them from scratch to make them a bit more fancy Grin it's so much fun!


Very nice. Smooth as silk!


yeach love it.


So sweet :-)


Man, you really are trying to get me to spend my store credit aren't you?.. OK, OK you win, I'll spend it!

I'll echo what everyone else has said too Smile


Great job making it fluid in movement, share how you did that?



I used the auto position control to make the movements. Smile it's pretty easy once you start! And addicting