Revolution Snake


I dived into the box fresh injection molded parts from our manufacturer tonight and built this EZ-Robot Revolution Snake! It uses a SIN wave for each servo position.


lol, looks like an application candidate for d.cochrans' new data storage/retrieval program to let the head of the snake know what the tail is doing.


More of a caterpillar if you ask me. Tongue


I soooo Glad to see that you took some time to PLAY Grin
LOVE IT lol (Y)


Hahaha Love it


Awesome bot love it


Kind of more caterpillar than snake though. need to have some servos able to rotate 90 degrees from the others to really get snake like movement.

Using EZ-B to build something like this would be really cool:

unfortunately I started recording just after the really cool thing. She had it climbing up and down her leg like a boa constrictor just before got my phone out.



I like your curiosity of what you can build with that awesome toy box!
I am not sure what It uses " SIN wave for each servo position"?
Thanks for sharing,
Steve S


I just realized my earlier comment may have sounded negative. I think the snake bot is really cool, I was just brainstorming how to give it more mobility, not trying to diss it.



another great robot from ez robot keep doing what your doing dj and the rest of the group