Ez- Robotics At Usa Scientific & Engineering Festival In Washington D.c


The ratio of new innovations in comparison to the world's population is incredibly low. There are no lack of ideas for new products and solutions - by people just you.

What is stopping you from inventing the next iRobot Roomba? The technical challenges... Where do you start? How do you program it? What parts to use?

This is how EZ-Robot helps shape the future of technology! By allowing people just like you to create real robotics and automation.

EZ-Robot presented their innovative robot platform at the USA Science & Engineering Festival 2014. Inspiring students and teachers to take part in the Revolution of the upcoming robotic industry.

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I'll see you today!



We are in Hall A. See you later today!


It was great meeting you guys today and seeing Roli, Six, and JD in action. Absolutely loved the looks on kids faces (and some adults too) when Six danced and JD waved at then and then did pushups. The learning while tracking face recognition was really impressive too (next release of EZ-B).

I'll post pictures and videos this evening or in the morning. I'll have to see what my wife has planned for my birthday, but I may see you tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 to take you up on your offer.

Thanks for the hospitality. Let me know next time any of you are in DC and I'll give you the guided tour and take you to some of our best restaurants.



Oh great Alan... you probably got a free V4 board too.... Tongue


Not yet Winky

I am timing how long it takes to get home from the convention center. If my wife didn't make any other plans, I know I need to be home by 6:30 tomorrow to pick her up and meet friends for dinner at 7. DJ needs the board until 5, so it will be cutting it close, so I might need to leave it for the next community member to meet the team. Much as I would like to get one early, after this long winter, if my wife wants to go mountain biking tomorrow, I'll be on the trails, not inside the convention center.



Here's a few videos from today...


Great videos DJ - thanks Smile

Every time we get a vid showing JD I hope to see him turn but not yet lol. His walk is kind of a slow shuffle and I figure it may take quite a large turning circle if he can turn around, but I'm sure there are loads of things we can do to help him Smile


I got a video of him turning, I'll try and post today. You are right, kind of a wide turn.



Don't forget that you have the power to change every action of any robot in the auto position. You can tweak the motions yourself. We're more busy designing this product so you can tweak it yourself Smile