Dj Sures Radio Interview by Dave Kelly


Interviews with anyone from EZ-Robot, specifically DJ Sures are about robotics - go figure! However, some people wonder what the personality of these people are like. In this radio interview, DJ Sures was asked some personal questions rather than robotics. Turns out, he's a little more interesting than we thought!

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Woah, that JD behind DJ is really strange looking. *eek*

ALSO: nice interview


Awesome interview.


@DJ Sures Great Interview. You gave ez-robot more heart.


@DJ ..... Nice interview !

Jay Smile


Great interview! Enjoyed it very much.

Smile Smile Smile Smile


Loved it!


Thanks for sharing DJ! Smile Awesome interview and......" I want my robot to differentiate faces " Smile Momentum is building...


Nice interview DJ !
Interesting how you made your way into life and robotics !
Thanks for all the effort you made to make all of this possible for so many of us !

Best regards,


Very cool interview. I love your definition and example of the difference between innovation and invention.