Xlrobots.com Xlr-6 18 X Servo Hexapod!


Ok heres a new entry from the XL' series of Robot bodies and shells for ezb v4. First up...The XLR-6. This beast will have 6 legs which will be controlled by 3 hd servos each. Thats 18 servos just for the legs! there are 2 more micro servos which will control the pan-tilt control of the camera. The front and rear of the body will have a super LED bright white lighting system. Function LED's will be mounted on the top hull and will be controlled by the v4. The power will be 3 x 1300ma Lipo batteries, which will be conditioned using the built in battery alerts on the v4. I will post some mockup pics and actual parts printed pics while I do the finishing touches on the final design.

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Looking very interesting!

Smile Smile Smile Smile


Very nice looking!


Thanks guys, im still tweaking the body. the renders give you a feel of where im going with it. its big though, it measures 24" across tip to tip( leg to leg across). when it stands on its tippy toes its 18" high!


I really like the styling.


Now we need that top to rotate with a spot for the cam in it Smile

We really should make.some we could compete in mech wars with. It's sponsored by trossen robotics and it's would be awesome to see some ez robot equipment destroying the more expensive stuff.


How did you get that clickable rotating thumbnail banner at the top of this thread?


It's been added to all showcase topics recently Smile


Thanks Rich. I wish I had more time to keep up with everything. Winky


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