Mini B


I adopted Mini B from Bret Tallent. The original project showcase is here: Here is the original build process:

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Mini B arrived at his new home on 1-23-2014. He was packed very well, but did encounter some "issues" in shipping, mostly to his head/neck. The head broke off from the neck, the servo neck connector broke, some of the wires in the head broke and the camera board broke. The right arm is messed up too, but that was an issue that came up before shipping.

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When you take over a robot built by someone else there a lot of questions that come up and the biggest first question I had was "where's the on switch"? There was no visible switch that I could find. After talking to Bret he explained the switch is on the lower back side and it is using the original RAD power switch in the base. The robot is everything I thought it would be and more. It's a beautiful robot that Bret built and I'm looking forward to continue to develop it.

At the top of my to do this for this robot is:
fix the top part of the head
replace the camera (the original camera cannot be fixed as the circuit traces were pulled off the PCB)
fix the neck servo
modify the neck (I want to make a bracket system so the head can be unscrewed and totally removed)
fix the right arm

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@Justin awesome looking B9! Looking forward to more updates!


I am really bummed about that head, but it sounds like you are going to make some needed improvements. I will get that other camera out to you this week and it should be able to plug right in (wired the same way and all). I am so happy he found a good home.


I look forward to seeing this guy nursed back into shape Smile


I was working on the head today and I figured out what caused all the damage. I was looking back at the original build thread and the black neck connecting the top bubble to the lower bubble got pushed down. When that happened the camera board snapped, the LED flashy light wires broke and the neck servo arm snapped. The box had plenty of room and was well marked "This End Up". But I bet someone stood him on his head. *stress*

That's Robot Abuse I tell Ya!


Justin, the same thing happened to my neck piece in shipping. I did not turn it in. Frown


Update 2-7-2014:


That is fantastic Justin! By the way, I did use two servos in each arm tied in parallel to get that range of motion. I used a Y connector. So you should be able to get identical movement once you replace that one servo (the screw in the servo horn broke off in it.) I'll be mailing your parts this weekend. Also, the two PIR sensors at the knee joints go into a single port. The servos are powered with 6V from a step down voltage regulator, and only the signal wire from each goes into the EZ-B - so some of those connectors have several signal wires tied to them.


@Justin Well done update video! Bret, I am sure your glad the mini B went to a good home! It will be cool to see this little guy move!


<< I did use two servos in each arm tied in parallel to get that range of motion.
Yup, sure enough. The end servo was so stiff it didn't really move and I didn't want to roll the sleeve down too far on the good arm, but I do see that now.

<< (the screw in the servo horn broke off in it.)
LOL! That makes so much more sense now! Grin The hole is so tiny I could not tell, I was starting to think maybe some epoxy got in there.

Thank you Bret for all your help! I really appreciate it. Mini B is a great robot.