Android 2014.01.15.00


You may now control your EZ-Robot from your Android Mobile Device! This includes both EZ-B v3 and EZ-B v4 Robots! The Android App can be installed on your Android Phone, Android Tablet, or Android Game Device. The EZ-Builder Mobile for Android Application will load EZ-Builder files that you created and save to the EZ-Cloud.

This is the beta release of the EZ-Builder Android Mobile App. There are a few known bugs, specifically with the EZ-B v3. As usual, we will continue updating the app and making it more awesome and reliable.

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Installation Instructions

- From your Android Device, select the download link:

- Once downloaded, select Open from your notification menu

- You will be prompted to active Unknown Sources from the Settings menu. This is because you are downloading the file from our website and not Google Play or Amazon, etc...

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Awesome! Thanks man!


Got an incompatible project type version.

I know I saved that project a while back with an older version of the ezb software. Might that bethe problem?


only projects saved with the most recent EZ-Builder will work on the mobile app


Thanks again.


Nice, I'll have a play with this later Smile

Update: It installs and runs fine on my HTC One X (I'll try later on my Iconia B1 tablet that's slower than a snail pulling a sloth). Ping Roam 1.2.0 Alpha opened without a problem however since I'm at work I couldn't test it other than hitting the controls.

HBridge control opened fine
Connection opened fine
Emergency Stop Script opened fine and apparently run fine

Horizontal servo unavailable
Script Manager unavailable
Floor Map unavailable
Notes unavailable

Although, as stated by DJ we are to expect limited use at this stage. Let me just point out that the "unavailables" are not complaints but observations.

For a very, very, very, very (is that enough verys?) beta it's great and a huge bonus since we weren't expecting V3 support.


I almost called in sick today and canceled my dinner plans to stay home and play with this. Holiday weekend coming up so I'll have time then.

This is very exciting news.



@dj sures downloaded app and installs fine on nexus 7 2012 and 2013 versions.
bluetooth connects to ez-b and pair. But unable connect in app.
I will wait for next pre pre pre... beta version. Great job to you and associates.

Smile Smile Smile Smile
updated at 3:45pm local time. try once more and got it to work. on nexus 7 2012 version. j
nexus 7 2013 works too.


Thank you D.J.,
Any updates on I-phones? I know you had to get approved @I tunes.
Steve S


Awesome DJ. I'm looking forward playing with this. (Sorry if was being annoying with all of the recent solicitations Winky )

I've got it and although I've only looked at it and loaded my latest project (it's not really configured for either 3 or 4 yet). It loaded fine.

To add to Rich's list, Variable Watch is not available either. Not picking, just keeping track.

So how exactly do we really use this? We'll start with V3 because it's the one most of us have right now. Do we simply pair our phone to the ezb?

Thanks again EZ Crew.