Micro-six Hexapod Robot.


Here is a bot i was thinking of making while im waiting for some components for LeXI. Its a scaled down version of the SIX robot. Using micro servos and all 3D printed parts. in the pics below you will see a temp setup i rigged to test out the legs while the body was being printed. i had some issues though.
@ DJ Sures hey DJ just have a quick one. i designed a micro version of SIX. im using micro servos and have connected all 12 to the ezb v3. using a 12v 9a power supply for testing. one servo moved the rest froze and then no response, had to disconnect and reconnect to get the servo to respond( only one) using the SIX script from the examples page. any idea?
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I have GOT to get a 3D printer. The stuff you are making is so cool!



@thetechguru remember its not only owning a 3D printer, you have to have the knowledge of 3D modeling and design to print out the things you think up. it takes a little time but trial and error is the best way to learn. be patient and a suggestion of software: 3DStudio Max. Easier learning curve than CAD or Maya or Googles software, and more powerful, just look at the stuff im printing, all done in 3DSmax.


Looking around on the internet at the 3DS Max it seems to be in the $3,000.00 price range am I missing something ? Is there is another name to search by or some other pricing option ?


You can get it thru torrent sites


heres a video of micro-6.


Great job! You are the man.

When I get my v4, then my v3, will replace an old broken controller on my mini hexapod.

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That's awesome! Glad to see you got the power sorted out! Six looks awesome small. We have to get the big and small six together


Everytime I see a robot like this it reminds me of the Jonny Quest episode called "The Robot Spy"

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ok here is the body im printing for the revised micro-6. The New ezrl-6!

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