Ez-robot Wins Peoples Choice And Best Consumer Startup Awards


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Congratulations to the EZ-Robot Team for bringing home two awards tonight! Including Peoples Choice and Best Consumer Startup.

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Nice! Well done, you guys deserve it Smile


Congratulations! It doesn't surprise me at all.


Excellent you all worked hard for the awards.

Smile Smile Smile Smile


Your hard work shows, best wishes to EZ Robot!
Steve S


I agree with all. Well deserved of course! Did you think it was going to take off like this when you made the Ver. 1?


AWSOME Job guys. Proud to have the EZ-Robot brand on the LeXI 3000!


Congratulations , I bet that makes your day !


May the champagne corks fly high (after hours of course Smile ) ....and command one of the bots to serve beer! Hard work, focus and a vision ,way to go DJ and Team!


Congratulations! Well deserved.