Lexi 3000 V3.0


Ok, since the main thread is too big to view at times and since the build changed completely here is a new start for the LeXI 3000 Project.

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She's gorgeous!



Ahah. Anyways, I'm so glad you did this. I used to have to let it load 3 minutes before I could even go to the next page!


Will have some updates later on tonight.


She IS very beautiful.

Grin Grin


So is any of it the original Omnibot 2000 you started out with?


@ RICH Well, I tried to incorporate some of the 2000's parts but they weren't matching the advanced build. As I posted earlier in my original thread im going to assemble the Omnibot 3000 v1 ( all the original modified parts I started with before the 3D printer changed everything.) I have all the parts ready just waiting for LeXI 3000 build to finish and then The V1 will be assembled.


I have already broken most all of the parts from the omnibot2000. So, I want to assemble a sort of Franken'Shine machine. I am not concerned about looks as much as functionallity. I will have the garbage can comming up from the original base. At that point I will have two bodies going up and then a neck and Original head. Hope to have the latest build of the HD-7 that will plug in to the original Body. She will be a FrankinShine!

I hope that you understand. If I see some more lazy susans, I am going to have a fit.



here is my next venture after LeXI's completetion.

Its gonna be 100% 3d Printed parts. im getting ambitious.

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Really love this guys work. been following his work for a few years. This one would be around 5ft tall running a modified, gyro assisted drive train like LeXI's. Just using the 2 wheels and adding gyro stability(Segway style).