Hd-7 Desktop Robotic Arm.


Ok heres a project of mine that is being worked on along side of LeXI 3000. I wanted to have a Robotic Arm attached to my workdesk to assist in a way like the robot arm does in Iron Man. So here is the design and the actual arm before its 3d printed. Mostly 90% is the HD-7 from Lexi 3000 with a few tweaks. More to follow.
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Man you're a great designer! I'm really impressed with everything you create. I respect your attention to detail... The renders have your Lexi Software in the background. How cool is that?!


@DJ Sures May I say thank you. 5 months ago my ideas became a reality because I stumble upon a video of a an omnibot 2000 doing things I've wanted to do since the 80's. That next day I went to your site and bought my first EZ-Robot kit. Thinking at the time that I was gong to just upgrade my 1980's toy robot to mimic the advances you showed in the videos. But after experiencing the powerful EZ-Builder software, and being able to design and create robots that are professional grade without the necessity of a MIT degree, with a user friendly interface, and a company owner with his ear to his consumers and an a plus group of people in an online community that is second to none. Whew.. I tend to run on a little . The feedback, interests and comments is what drives me to be more creative and take risks on designs because my efforts do not go unnoticed. Your comment means a lot and I thank you again for bringing Robotics to the Dreamers, the Tinkers and the Hobbyist. - A. Ameralis


Really impressive stuff. I was moderately interested in 3D printing before, but after seeing some of your work, it is on my next major purchase list. Gonna start saving my lunch money until I can get one Smile



@thetechguru it removes all restrictions of the imagination. Be sure to get a Makerbot, all others don,t come close to print quality. Im putting funds aside for 2nd one.


Awesome effort.... I took your images and showed some of my lead students about what they could do if they persevere... they were impressed.

What package did you do the 3D work in?

- Wayne (@Tameion)


@Tameion I Use 3dStudio Max 2014. Been using 3dStudio Max since "96"


Thanks for that!


He is an Inspiration to us all.