Ez-robot On Shawtv


"When someone thinks of an EZ-Robot, we don't want people to think of a toy, a corporate identity, we don't want people to think of an industrial robot. We want people to think of a creative outlet for their desire to own and build a robot."

We want people to be able to think of something to change the world. We're giving them the tools to create that vision.


What was that software you used to design the biobeid?

And they really got you!


I like the video! DJ you really should put a couple stickers in your kits or board shipments. people love some stickers Winky like a "powered by EZ Robot" or " making dreams come alive" with EZ-Robot.com. just a idea. I know hobbiest are usually proud of their equipment especially when they love it!


Awesome Smile Been waiting all day to watch this since I couldn't at work.


@josh, I know right? At least there are the downloads to make some. I know some people have already found them but for those who haven't here is the link to EZ-Robot images in the press kit page.


Thanks Troy for the link...@DJ great presentation Smile


thanks everyone Smile

@TechnoPro, the software you see in the video building the Biped is EZ-Builder Winky



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DJ nice video.


Nice Building. You will grow exponentially now.