2.4GHz Mini Wireless Camera


I eventually got one of these cameras via an Ebay seller. But how to you get the thing apart? is it just a case of prising the black ends off? I need to modify the power switch as this won't be accessible when my Robot's finished


Oh yes! That's what I did with omnibot.

The camera slides out through the back. The plate with the USB and Power is attached to the PCB. It slides out without any screws needing to be removed. There is a drop of glue inside holding it.

You can connect the battery power to the EZ-B. Additionally you can connect a signal from the EZ-B to the power switch.

I'll take a few photos for you this evening


Managed to slide the camera out of the back of the tiny case. Also the chrome cap is just glued onto the lens assembly which has helped me mount the camera in the samll space I have. Any details you have on the power and connecting an EZ-B signal to switch it on would be a big help


Here you go sir!

This tutorial will demonstrate how to power the camera from the EZ-B Controller. The black wire will connect to the GND, the red wire will connect to +5 and the white wire will simulate the switch.

The white wire connected to a digital port will allow you control the power of the camera from the EZ-B. Use a Digital Control within EZ-Builder to control the camera power.


Again great help thanks

I found I had to wire the servo leads directly to where the the little camera battery was connected then it all worked as in your video. I'll post a pic later


pics uploaded


That's awesome! You are more courageous then I am. I probed the battery and noticed that the PCB is 3.3v ... The EZ-B 2.1 is 5v... CMOS 3.3v hardware do not like 5v and usually pop. I didn't want to risk popping my camera by providing 5v to it Smile

Thank you for trying Grin


I moved your pics locally if you don't mind? Here they are for anyone who wants to connect the +5 EZ-B directly to the camera without using a mini usb adapter Smile

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Does it have to be this type of camera (that you guys have bought from eBay)? How about something else like this one........


It is still a 2.4 GHz wireless camera. However I have no experience with either of them, it is just cheaper and I am just curious Grin


Any USB camera will work. The Add-Ons page talks a bit about it.

However, the camera in the link you provided is not a USB camera.

If your robot will be sporting many peripherals (i.e. sound card, camera) then consider locating a Wireless USB Hub within the robot. The add-on page discusses it.