Ez-bo, My Experimenting Robot


I enjoy experimenting with the different controls available with easy builder, and exploring all the different options available, using the script language. With this in mind I decided to build a small, simple robot based on my old Boe-Bot chassis. I have tried to incorporate all the different sensors and LEDs I had hanging around so that my experimenting could be broader based.

At the present time, I have added these devices to experiment with
3 servo motors
2 Modified Servos
Two axis accelerometer
Sonar detector
Photo resistor
Two standard LEDs
Bicolor LED

I have made the front and back panels removable in case I have some new ideas.
Video coming soon.

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That's great, it's exactly the kind of thing I'm looking to build for testbot (except currently he is a box).


Here is a video of EZ-Bo getting blinking LEDs for his arms.


That's super creative! Nice work and thank you for sharing Grin

it's real neat that you put a story together with him. Adds a lot of character - rather than watching a robot just move around and stuff... Bo has a great personality


MORE! Grin


Lol neat , like the little skit you put together


could you post your scripts?


I just posted my most recent version on the EZ Bo project on ezcloud in the "Incomplete Robots" category. I am currently working on a new video, so the scripts are a tad jumbled.


Good work! one tiny...small... suggestion regarding the text to speech. I often mis spell words to make them sound "better".....like I hear "robutt" coming from Bo which IS kinda funny too Smile . You might try spelling robot like row bought ..or row bawt.......but Bo is looking pretty sweet!


New EZ Bo video. This time Bo awakes from a short nap and shows us all his "stuff",.