How Do I Shovel My Snow?


With a robot, of course! What did you expect? Smile

This is a robot shell that I built with some students in the summer for a robot challenge. The robot chassis is from an electric seat scooter. I attached part of a shovel to it and stayed warm inside, while the robot did all the outside work Smile

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this is awesome! i wish it snowed where i live...

did you use the motor controller sold in the store for this project?


HAha, thanks Smile It was a lot of fun!

Our motor controller in the store isn't capable of that kind of power. I used an older Sabertooth HBridge.

A more cost effective high power HBridge is also this:

I have used those before and they are great!


im surprised it is only 50amps! i thought they would have pulled a lot more amps than that

im not sure if the peak amperage is an issue but could I then use something like this and control the motors like continuous servos?


You could but i wouldn't trust that. I would stick with the 50a dual motor driver that i posted in the link because it will also allow for PWM which enables speed control.


true the PWM makes sense. you definitely do not want a run away wheelchair at full speed running throughout the house.

college is killing my robot and professional rc racing! I can't wait for winter break in a few weeks. my robotics club at school doesn't like me much with the ezb at competitions. they tell me it isnt fair that it uses the computer via bluetooth... I just tell them "work smarter not harder" haha


You should think about adding an affordable controller that will work with the EZ-B. I would buy one. I sure could use this at my home in the winter.
Is it possible to make it autonomous as well?


Bumping because it is that time of the year again.


Ugh don’t remind me Smile we got snow today! Not much, but enough.

Guess I better get the snow robot out