Omnibot TV Watching


The latest version of the EZ-SDK and EZ-Builder contains an enhanced motion tracking update. The quality and edge detection algorythm has been modified and seems to work great!!

Check out this video of my omnibot watching a cartoon Smile


to go along with the omnibot tv watching, i took him for a drive today.

we drove 2 hours north to visit a friend. he really enjoyed himself Smile


Good work, I would like to see more realistic videos like this. Makes it seem like he thinks on it's own like a human


Thanks dude Smile

I get a kick out of watching these guys do their own thing.. AFter a while you imagine their personality


Omnibot must have been having a great time out sight seeing! I noticed it wasn't paying much attention to you! Lol cool videos DJ !


Edge detection , so it could be used for mapping?


you are the best @dj sures


Love it, can't wait for mine to arrive Grin