Radio Shack Robie Meets Roomba


I just got this little gem today, bought from ebay for $29.77 shippedSmile Its an original Radio Shack Robie from 1984, clean with a unscathed domeSmile Not even the talking one either, this lil guy has two functions: forward and turn in reverse, the arms are just for show...and I didn't get a controller with it. So, he's a blank canvas Grin The idea I have is to mount him on a roomba to house the ez-b and a camera, build a couple of arms and have myself a retro looking cleaning robot with an attitude lol Winky Damn, this thing is small; I have a Nintendo R.O.B. that I converted to R/C with a C6C 6 channel controller, and Robie is smaller than that. Stay tuned, this oughta be fun Grin
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sounds like fun.


Im looking forward to this Smile


Yeah, this sounds like a fun project.


I love the look of those old robots! Grin


Thanks guysSmile Now I just need to save some dough for the ez-b and the roomba. Roomba's are getting cheap on ebay, I found a discovery scheduler with all the accessories for $80 shipped, just needs a new battery; found an "extended life" batt for $30. So here's a question: If I were to run the ez-b and roomba together from the roomba's battery, would it cause any ground or signal issues? I was guessing no, because there's only signal and ground between the ez-b and roomba(no +5v) and the ez-b can handle 18v. from what i read, the roomba's battery is 14.4v.


DJ has a arm ready to go in his store. It seems pricy at first but if you the cost.of parts and servos to makeshift one yourself it's really cheaper! Roomba is a great base to put a robot on and then you can vacuum too =)


The Roomba battery although rated at 14.4 vdc will contain up to 17.5 vdc when fully charged. The stock Roomba power supply has an output voltage of 22.5 vdc and comes in two flavors, either .75 amps (standard charger) or 1.25 amps (fast charger). Caution should be used in connecting the EZ-B to the Roomba to prevent it being directly exposed to the power supply output voltage.


ROOMBA is my favorate platform ,it has 3 extra driver outputs one rated at 17 volts at 1.500 amp and 2 at 500ma you need a step down regulator
i have over 30 of them i put together with a deck to sell like TURTLEBOT that sellls very fast
platform as alot of sensors and homming beacon to return to home base
i designed a second battery hook up and disconnect charging circuit,CANT charge both batteries at the same time,because of the circuit inside the roomba board
second working on a higher torque motor upgrade a nd h-bridge circuit change
i also have the radio shack ROBIE i got it on ebay $20 shipped and working perfect
will modify for a robot latter with EZB
hope to see more photos of your project soon

KENDO4QUATTRO you asked about ground problems when you remove the brush motors,vacuum motors and side brush motors,first you will have much room ,and add a brackets on the 15 volt brush motor output you need a 2 amp DC-DC converter at 7.5 output or close to it or regulator circuit

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THIS PHOTO is the bracket i made with a plastic plate on top
when you remove the cover on the roomba on the internet it shows where all the screws are and some are hidden too
need any info on roomba can help since i know a lot about them


Whoop! I just picked up one of the same bots from a car boot sale this morning for £1. Score! Smile

IMO the screen in his chest is screaming out to be used for something. I'm not quite sure what for yet Smile

Anwyho, rest assured I'll be keeping an eye on this project for some ideas. Good luck with it.