EZ-B + ArduiNIX Nixie Tube Driver


Updated on 10/6/2013 - Go to end of thread for more...


Introducing the ArduiNIX Nixie Tube Driver. I recently finishing putting this little piece of hardware together and am extremely impressed with everything from the PCB design to the online assembly instructions. There's even a tricked out R2 unit that helps with the soldering!

The ArduiNIX is a 4x20 multiplexed driver (4 Anodes/20 Cathodes) which essentially allows you to control up to 8 Nixie tubes or 80 neon bulbs (or some combination of the two). I haven't quite decided what I'm going to use it for yet but I was thinking that one of the openings on the front of the Omnibot shell would house a few Nixie tubes nicely...

Only thing I've done so far is connect it to the EZ-B and dial in the outputs at 170 volts. That's right kids, we're driving tubes here so we're dealing with potentially lethal voltages - notice the high voltage warnings on either side of the 4-pin Anode connector. So long as contact is momentary and you don't have a heart condition you should be fine, but you will get an adreniline rush for sure. I remember my grandfather telling me to only use one hand when working with LIVE tube cicuits. The last thing you want is for high voltage current to flow from one hand to the other, zapping your heart along the way. Well, zapping your brain isn't a very good idea either - trust me, that really hurts too...

I have yet to hook up any tubes but will update the post with more pics when I do...

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Hmmm, on second thought, I may want to relocate the 4-pin Anode connector to the underside of the ArduiNIX to make it a tad safer...


Quick test of a single IN-4 Nixie Tube driven by an ArduiNIX Nixe Tube Driver controlled by an EZ-B Robot Controller powered by a 7.4V EZ-Battery!

All Wired and Ready
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Flip the switch Leon!
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All Fired Up
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This is a pair of Russian IN-4 Nixie tubes mounted sideways in my Omnibot's eye sockets. I'm waiting on bare socket boards from KOSBO (thank you Konstantin!) to complete the initial design and add color-changing LED back-lighting for mood indication. Check out the video to see it in action...

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Here's Rico!


WOW! I didnt know the EZ-B could drive Nixie Tubes! Nice work, I cant wait to see your full robot!


The ArduiNIX Arduino shield mounted atop the EZ-B (see last two pics) provides the magic to drive the tubes. That's the beauty of the EZ-B being Arduino pin-compatible!


radmeck that is all kinds of WIN!!! Nice work man, you've inspired me to start sharing more of my sub-projects as well.


Wow!!! Thumbs up. Your omnibot will be ultra cool


Thanks guys - the positive feedback helps keep me going!

skater_j10, you should definitely share your sub-projects - I'd love to see more of what others are working on. We need more pics and videos to keep the inspiration fueled!