Meccanoid Max Gets Overhauld By Ez Robot


i found a cheap max robot from meccanoid.and i am going to give him ,
an ez robot costume hehe,lol.the drive base looks very interesting.
here a small video.i started with the gripper.


here an update max the robot and a cry for help.

here's how max looks like.

User-inserted image

he has wheels with two cable each motor.i try avery config,nothing works,
with the Hbridge.the Hbridge works .

User-inserted image

does any one knows how to fix this.

thank you


Did you test motors seperately with a battery ? That should work. Maybe motor driver is bad. I have had some that did not work brand new.



indeed i put 6 volt straight on and nothing works.first time i put 7.4 volt on from the lipo that the reason that the motors are death ?


That looks really great - seems the two robots combined were made for each other!


hi dj

the meccano parts are good .but not separt to by.tomorrow i disseassemble the ,
drive base.checking the motors. it has a lotiny too.and big speaker on his back.




problem solved.the motors where good.there was a little disk with holes on the side,i think its for distant messurement.
i don know how its calt.i cut it out and solder a new wire on.motors ok.
tomorrow i make a video of MAX the robot.max has a ezbv4 and a lotiny.
the radar ping sensor.and separt speaker.rgb and cam.

thanks for the tip.


here's a video of max in motion.


Very well done Patrick! What fun. I'm glad you got past the motor trouble and got him running. Now you can spend time programing him to do more things like bringing you one of those famous Belgian beers that taste so good. Grin


hi dave

indeed belgium beer is good.but i cant have beer.i would love to see him tracking the red ball its amazing what you can learn when things go wrong.and this is made,
with win7 haha Grin