Any Updates On Ez Robot?


I seem to add an occasional "hey hows it going" thread, when things are this quiet for such a long period of time. Maybe its too fan the flames and get new and interesting topics going, or maybe its to remind DJ and EZ Robot, that we are still here. Or maybe its hoping for an update on products, or Ez builder....or all the above?!

So how goes it EZ Robot...whats the word on the street?


I am recalling past dreams of neopixel balsters and LIDAR.


Come on Will. You should know by now that there's always something wonderful about to happen in the EZ Robot world.


Well if I remember correctly , DJ goes to his cabin in the summer. Shortly there after are showered with an update or two including new features... um an announcement with new and exciting products and ez bits...if I remember correctly there was a thread or comment about a rewriting of porting happening to Ez Builder. Knowing how transparent EZ Robot is I would expect to see announcements soon?!


Soon Smile