Ez-robot Camera $29.99


For those who might be looking for the EZB Camera for your Iotiny.
Hobby King has them on sale for $29.99


I just purchased 3


Sweet! So did I.


So now my Inmoov can have stereo vision. Might have to start playing with Roborealm again.

A little Nostalgia.

Back in the 80's I built a robot that I used 2 RAM chips that I unsoldered the gold cap from the top and glued a microscope slide glass over the top. I then mounted them a known distance apart and they both moved together ether bot moving in or both moving out forming a triangle so I could calculate the distance. then depending how big the object was in the frame, I could estimate the size of the object. I believe I used 21L02 1k x 1 bit ram chips. I was able to write once and read a bunch of times and get a idea of what it saw. I guess you could call this one of the first CCD chips.


the hobbyking EZ-B V4 WIFI ROBOT CONTROLLER is version 1 not 2
just letting you guys know.



is there a diffin color led from version 1 to version 2?


nomad 6r
you can't see led in the hobbyking EZ-B V4 WIFI ROBOT CONTROLLER picture and they don't tell you if it's 1 or 2.
I thought it would be the latest version but it's not.


hi malc

thanks for your quick respons.maybe someone knows the diff.


Hi rz90208,

has there been an update or improvement to the EZB Camera since it first came out?

I've been away from robots/Ezrobot for 3+ years and want to get back into it again soon. The facial/colour/object recognition was pretty poor back then. Don't know if it was the camera or the software. I wonder if it has improved?

A quick look at the store shows me that not much has changed. What happened to all the addons promised?

Great to see Nomad 6R is still here and very active in the forums!



thank you for the kind words.ez robot is an adventure that never stops.


I do not believe that the camera itself has changed, but the software for the camera has gone thru a lot of updates and enhancements. This is a better question for DJ or Jeremy .