Ez-robot At Calgary Comic Expo


The weekend of April 27, 28 and 29th is going to be packed with awesomeness! EZ-Robot will be rock'n the Calgary Comic Expo with all sorts of robot demonstrations. From flying robots to augmented reality, it's going to be a great time! Throughout each day of the weekend we will be building real robots from scratch - right in front of your eyes! During your visit at the expo, make sure you visit us multiple times to see the progress of our robot building.

EZ-Robot will also be unveiling our new Complete Robot Kit!

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That's awesome DJ! That is going to be one great event to be there. I've been looking forward to that new Robot Kit for a long while, seen at least a few secret pics of it Smile.


Great DJ! I was hoping to be there again this year with my R2 and show you how far I've got with integrating the EZB into him. Unfortunately I won't be able to afford to go. So here's to next year's Calgary Expo where we can try to link up.



Awh that's too bad Cameron! I'll still love to see pics and videos


Yeah - I'll get some up in the Community section in the next week!


looking forward to it dude!


Camross, did you have your r2d2 at comic expo last year driving around?


Yeah - I did - we met at that time.


@camross we hadn't met last year. This was my first comic expo. But, i did have many people ask if i knew you! You were apparently quite popular Smile


If it wasn't you I met, then someone else was there who spoke to me about the EZ Robot system, cause that was where I first heard about it! And it was R2 who was popular - not me Tongue

Although, Henry would have been there again this year with his R2.