Newsletter Convo- What Is Your Preferred Method Of Robot Locomotion?


We were talking around the office here at ezrobot on this subject. What Is Your Preferred Method Of Robot Locomotion? The method of transportation can be currently available or not... meaning it’s okay to invent an idea!

I would REALLY love to make a robot that swims, and of course one that day.

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Hi @Chelsea,

I prefer robots with wheels. However, I think there is a big future for robots that swim. Using them to explore the world's oceans would be incredible.

Here are some robot videos to inspire you.


I have never met a robot with treads I didn't like.



@rgordon Thanks! Some of the new swimming octopi robots are pretty crazy to watch too-

@thetechguru ...have you ever met a robot you didn't like? Smile


I think I'm with Alan, I do like tank robots the most Smile

.....But I am getting fonder of Legged robots the more experience I get with them Grin


Gecko robots! Crawlers that defy gravity. But I think swimming robots are pretty cool too.


I came across this guy from 1984- pretty cool to see the evolution of robots!

"FETAL I had its major public appearance at the International Personal Robots Congress (IPRC) held in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1984."

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1984 – FETAL I Omnidirectional Robot – William H. T. La



I came across this guy from 1984

I had no idea Omniwheels went that far back. That's really cool.



It's strange how "un-roboty" (?better word?) it looks right? Like if you saw it sitting somewhere what would you think it did? *confused*


I think the Boston Dynamics Handle has pretty awesome locomotion. So much potential combining bipedal style w/ wheels.