In Search Of Omnibot 2000


Hi every im looking for a omnibot 2000 without remote or even radio command hard ware for the insides of the torso. Just need the complete robot body,complete head, trays, covers and ext to use as a shell for next project. Any one got one they'd like to sale or multiple people with spare parts so i could bulid a complete omnibot 2000
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I was going to say "eBay is your friend" - but Perry found a nice example!

I've seen complete units go for anywhere between $100 - $1000 (the latter never sold, AFAIK). I found one a year or so ago for under $200 shipped, so it's a matter of how patient you are. Smile


Thank you guys. I guess ill just have to be patient and wait for a good deal to pop up. Hopeful i wont have to wait to long lol.


the link perry gave is the most cheapest you can find.




Agree with Nomad on price - I waited about two years before I found mine at $200. Getting it for $236 shipped is a steal! If I didn't have other priorities, I'd snap it up myself (I still may!)


I agree the price for it isnt bad at all and i would love nothing more to buy it up, unfortunately i cant afford the shipping at the moment due not obligations or id have bought it in a heart beat :c



is it only the chipping you need?do you have paypal?


no i think i still have the chip left over from omega, rest his soul but the omnibot 2000 was the bot i was originally tryn to get a hold off before i started omega project and as far as a paypal i believe i have one for my ebay account