Vr Options?


Does anyone know if the SDK of the Oculus Rift package would work with EZB if there was a plug in developed for it? It doesn't really need to be something as big and bulky as that. Very unfortunate that Vuzix is no longer offering support with EZB. That would work great.

Like the Vuzix, I'd like to pull from the IMU data to move servos and transfer the camera feed from the EZ camera to the goggles over two complete separate computers in different places.

Any ideas or suggestions on how to POC this, would be grateful.


I have tried the Oculus Rift with many configurations but the plugin DJ had made for it was for the DK1 version. https://www.ez-robot.com/EZ-Builder/Plugins/view/59
I was unable to get it to work.


Hmm wonder how I missed this? Has not been updated in some time. I’ll have a look and see if this will work for me.

If this was for the DK1, what version did you have and test with?


The latest one I tried was the runtime


Sorry Dj has the DK2 version not DK1.


I found a site that someone uploaded the runtimes for several older versions that have been removed from OR website. The ver is there.



I don't like that you have to tilt your head for rotational values. Wonder if there is a better solution.


There is a better solution if you use the tracking sensors. They’re external sensors that you setup around the environment. Google on the products you’re looking at will tell more detail. The only headset that I’m aware of which doesn’t use external sensors is the windows mixed reality

You’d have to look into their sdk to create a plugin for EZ-Builder.


I've been looking at these FatShark headsets for flying drones. They have a built in pan and tilt head tracking for 2 servos and camera feed. Wonder if these could be modified to work like the other headset plug ins? Not so cheap tho.


Ha we posted at same time! Ok sounds good I will look them up.


Creating a POC with Alan and Alena to be used as long distance Avatars. Business guy in Tokyo calls into corporate headquarters for meeting. At the headquarters is an Alan in the meeting room. Guy in Tokyo has on VR headset and can see EZ robot camera image from Alan live, and as the guy moves his head, Alan moves his head in unison so he can see everybody at the meeting. As he speaks so does Alan using our audio servo control board.