What Should I Name This Robot?


Controller IO Tiny
Robot Roomba Red
Poppy the Robot Head
Temp sensor
Light sensor

Purpose: amuse the Cat.


Robert Redpurred
R2-Purr 2
Kitty's Hairy Godmother

Should I continue?


R2-Purr2 is an awesome name! That’s my favorite so far!



Very nice.. Catnip? Smile

Are you power from the DIN connector? Any step down regulator?

Are you running in Full or Safe mode?



Instead of K-9.. What about K-8? (kate) haha


I actually ran extra wires from the Roomba battery clips up through the chassis and went through a small voltage regulator to get it to 8v for the IO Tiny.

In the video I am running the robot around manually. You can start and stop the motors on the robot via the control panel.

The head is from Thingiverse where someone made a Poppy style head for their JD robot.


I took my camera and LED array and hot glued them inside the head. The halves of the head are held together by screws. Thinking of using a speaker out of a hacked Roomba inside the Poppy Head as the main speaker. Would be louder and give the robot more personality.

Also thinking of 3D printing a torso and attaching arms, etc.

DJ, could you add an adjustment for the Roomba control panel so that you can control the speed of the wheels separately? This would help with making the Roomba track straight.


I'm also tapping the battery on my Roomba 650, but it's a bit harder as it's connected via spring clips soldered directly to the motherboard rather than the clips used prior to the Roomba 500 series batteries

The reason I asked about Full vs Safe mode was when I noticed it hit an obstacle



Another possible name... “Vincent” aka “Vince the Vac”. A bit of a nod to the V.I.N.CENT robot in the movie “The Black Hole”...



Pronounced: See-AH-Tee

Spelled: C.A.T.


@faengelm lol I instantly thought of the name Catnip as well Smile

I also wanted to mention to you, as you are likely already aware, that you can tap off the battery voltage from the DIN connector as well instead of having to solder to the motherboard.

Other name ideas:

Cat-o-nator 2000
Pop goes the Feline

Hmmm the head is Poppy and the robot is red, there's got to be a name in there that refers to the flower