Grace’s First Robot


Hey guys.

So while I’ve been playing with my R2-D2 mod, my girlfriends granddaughter, Grace, has shown a big interest in robotics and wants to one day build a full size one to help her mum. She is only 9 years old and has lots of ideas. So when she found out I have built robots, she wanted to get envolved.

So together, we set about building a Boxbot. She loved it (I enjoyed it myself actually, lol). Anyway, it still has some work to be done, but we set about doing a Dance Demo. Here is a video of the lil guy in action...


That's great Grace has an interest in robotics, and it's great you are helping her.
Great video!
Steve S Winky


haha so cute ,good play mate for r2d2.i see you used six base great idea.


Steve - what a great idea to use the ezbits inside the body like that! And splitting the gripper into two for the hands... brilliant!

Nice work you two Grin


Hi Steve.

Thanks for the kind words. Yeah Grace left my place the other day beeming about building her first robot. I covered the boxes in paper as she wants to draw a design and colour it in. She saw the EZ-Bit pegs in my spares box and said that would make great ears. Once we put them on, the robot looks a lot like a cat now, lol.

Thanks Patrick.

I was originally going to take the power switch out of the Six base, then figured we would just use the base itself. The dance routine I helped her set up was fun.

Funny thing... in the video, right at the end of the dance when the song ends, you see the robot trough it’s head down Michael Jackson style. I say it’s funny because that servo move is NOT even in the script, and it only done it once when I was recording, lol. The little guy seems to have a mind of its own and really likes that song.

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Cheers DJ.

I had a bunch of EZ-bits I’ve had in a box for a while and figured this would be a nice little project to use them on. I split a JD hand a couple of years ago as I needed the servo and kept the grippers thinking I’d use them one day.

I have got a couple of JD arms with grippers I thought about using, but figured I’d keep it simple this time round so Grace can get used to using servos. I’ll keep them to one side for now as I’m sure she will be wanting to build another robot pretty soon. Smile

I’ll be helping her to make her own mobile app later which I know she is looking forward to.


After I did a few mods to strengthen the boxes and added a couple of goodies (camera, 8x8 RGB), lil Grace was well chuffed, lol...

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She has taken it home tonight so she can colour it in. I look forward to see what she does with “Bob” (as she has now named it). Smile


Very nice little project! Tell Grace we're all looking forward to seeing her future robot creations!


Thanks Sebediah. I will let her know. She has a little book full of drawings she’s done of ideas she has so no doubt there will be more to come.


Nice and using recycled materials!