How To Connect Ezb To A Create 2


I have been looking on the forum for a wiring tutorial for the ezb and create 2. There are a lot of ideas and very complicated ideas that seem to work but no simple tutorial to connect ezb to a create 2.

Please let me know if there is a tutorial or can you provide me with one.



Ellis you need to search the forum... there are many threads on this topic... @DJ did a video on how to build a roomba serial cable. Although slightly outdated it should help you... Also get a copy of the Create 2's ROI pdf file (I found mine by googling it)... It will tell you everything you need to know about serial connection to control protocols..

***Edit*** I also was able to find a tutorial pretty easily in the learn section for creating the serial cable required to connect to the ezb... It was by Robot Doc...


Here you go:

Remember, every control has a question mark next to the close X button. Pressing the question mark button will direct you to a manual page for the respective control. This message is displayed every time EZ-Builder is loaded as a reminder.

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I have read these tutorials. One problem is almost all but one talk about the Create not the Create 2. All of DJ's tutorials are awesome but they again are about the Create not the Create 2. I may be wrong but there are no tutorials talking about the Create 2. My create comes with a cable that is the round serial on one end and a usb on the other. I do not know if this cable is only for the computer, micro or both.

I know this may seem basic for most but with the Create 2 I do not know how to hook it to my ezb micro and wonder if the existing ezb plugin will work with the Create 2 without modifications.


@DJ has given you the tutorial on how to make the ezb4/roomba serial (in his above post) connector... The serial cables will be the same... I use the same cable I made for the Create 1 (400 series roomba) and for the Create 2 (Series 600 roomba). You need just 2 wires really... Roomba Rx and ground... (3 wires, adding Tx if you want to receive data back from the roomba). You can use the serial cable that came with your create 2.. splice it open... Check the Create 2 ROI manual (or Dj's link) for the correct pinouts of the 7pin mini din roomba plug. Grab a couple of female header wires and solder one to pin 7 and one to pin 3...

There is no roomba plugin just the native roomba control in ez builder... It does work but I also have an ez builder file floating around with a bit more control features... Check it out here... It may have to be tweaked but it should get you started...
Roomba 500, 600 etc sample control


Thank You Richard!

This makes sense. I think I have it now. This was a clear once I found out that it is wired the same as the Roomba.

I really like am totally impressed with this forum.



I just received and installed the new cable I purchased with the correct plug. I soldered in a servo cable connecting pin 3 (signal) and pin 7 (ground) as instructed in tutorials. I set the baud rate to the correct 115,200 rate recommended for the create 2.

When I first started it up it did nothing. After working with it a bit it started to move in different directions intermittently and would only work with stop sometimes. I am recharging the Roomba overnight to make sure it is at full charge. Is there something I am missing. I know the Ezb is communicating directly because it is sometimes responding to the Roomba movement control intermittently. Any ideas or recommendations.


I have rechecked my wiring. Everything seems to be perfect. Pin 3 to signal on Ezb and pin 7 to ground on Ezb. The Ezb Roomba Movement Panel is installed and the baud rate is set to 115,200 as per tutorial.

The Roomba either does nothing or is very intermittent.

The Roomba is a Create 2. I was wondering if the Correct signals are being sent to the Create 2. There seems to be a start command, a safe command and a stop command. I am wondering if this is my problem.

Here is the link to the manual.

See pages 7-9.

I am making a telepresense robot so I can let my grandchildren run the robot over the internet and I will set an Ipad on a stand on the Roomba so we can Facetime. I am trying to get them involved in Ez-Robot to peak their interest in robotics. They are very creative.


Please take a look at this thread...

where several others are discussing a similar issue.

I'd like to suggest that you try Richard R's design as I did and it worked great for me




I did read the article that you wrote on the 650 in the above link. I noticed that you said to use the UART instead of the send serial. I am actually connected to pin three on the Roomba which you said has been changed on the newer Roombas.
You said that you other people have also had trouble with this connection.

I am pretty unfamiliar with the UART connections. Could you tell me where I can get Richard R's design or the link to the information so I can learn to connect to the UART and use Richard Rs motion script. It seems the UART is the way to go

I know I need to to do this sometime. I guess now's the time.