How Do I Connect These Colors .different Color Wires


does any has a foto how to connect the wires from roli on ezbv4.
i have a purple color green black blue white grey and power red/black
cant find a tutorial with these colors.


ah thanks alan.didn find this one.


Is there a list or index of all the tutorials?


#5 for EZ-B created courses for user created tutorials (although in many cases, EZ-Robots is the user)



I am not sure why people have so much trouble using and finding info in the learn section here... I usually find what I want or need to know within a minute or two... The learn section and tutorial section are an easy to use, easy to find wealth of information... My dad used to say... "you just need to look past your nose".... Just my 2 cents... "Search" is your friend and the links Alan gave are also accessible right up there in the website's main page tool bar....



i checked all tutorials and i didn see the one alan has.
maybe i chould check longer.


i just check it again.dont see the one from alan.i made a pic ,usefull for everyone.

User-inserted image


Nomad, it is in the ROLI course - 4th chapter. It is also in the assembly instructions in the ROLI sample project.

It could not have been in a more obvious location when looking for anything to do with ROLI.

There is also an entire Robot Program devoted to assembling and using ROLI that has more video if you need that:



Frank, look At the menu on this website. See where it says learn? And also notice that everytine someone types learn, it highlights blue? That means it's clickable. Also the word Activities highlights and a few other words. You click on those and it brings you to the learn section incase you miss the learn menu option.

To visit the community section (the place you are now), the learn menu option is right beside it. Smile