Jd Spock


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The first video of my JD Spock testing his 3d printed phaser.

JD Spock's 3D printed Star Trek Original Series phaser, sized for JD: EZ_OST_phaser.stl

I tried to color match to screen shots from the Original series. The retail toy versions are much brighter colors.
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JD Spock's paper head piece with hair, eyebrows, and Vulcan ears and Star Trek badge, I used card stock to print it on and double sided tape to attach the pieces. This is my template: SpockJD.pdf


Excellent video and intimidating phaser.
Good thing Spock is logical!
Watched it twice!
Thanks for sharing.
Steve S Winky


haha awesome jd spock.


Kewl vid. That must have taken a while to put together. Nice work.


Haha love the story - this is a fun video

It's surprising to see the quality of ezrobot videos vs arduino and competitive stuff. With other competitive products, people are proud to merely make the thing move or do something super simple. Ezrobot videos are in a league of their own! Moving, speaking, voice commands, vision, etc....


Thank you @Steve, @Patrick, and @Nink!

@DJ, thank you, and I am proud of my EZ-Robot projects and the products in them. In the USA we are celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday and I’m thankful for you and the staff at EZ-Robot and this community of awesome people exploring what they can do with robotics!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Very nice video Justin, keep them coming! Smile
Did you 3D print the Spock hair and eyebrows or make them some other way?


Aaaaaaaaaaaawesome! Grin


Great Video ! It is fun to watch your "Spock" in action. Thanks for sharing.
Happy Thanksgiving to All.



Wow, I didn't see this video until today, so sweet! Amazing work @Justin!

*Edit: Happy Thanksgiving!