The Altair Robot Chronicles


This is the first in a series of videos showing the current capabilities of the ALTAIR EZ:1 robot.

Part:1 Pour and serve a drink



Haha .." waiting for last drops! " love it! Looking forward to more videos. Thanks Tony!


Fantastic logic behind the animation Tony.

Very smooth movements. Didn't spill a drop. I can't imagine the programming that is behind this routine.


Now that is amazing! *eek*


Very cool. So I gotta ask... auto position, or individual scripting? Thanks. Chris


Thanks guys! for the kind words.

@kamaroman68 it is a mix of both auto and scripting.



The ALTAIR Robot Chronicles [Part 2] - Take photo and analyse - Face Recognition with Emotional and Empathy Reactions.

For humans to co-exist with robots, I believe that they will need to show Affective Empathy (AE) so they are not just perceived as cold calculating machines. This video shows what AE might look like in a robot/human interaction.



That is amazing, such great details in the responses.
Your props are also very well done, I love getting updates on your work.
Can the EZ1 analyze what it sees across the room?
Steve S


Bravo! I love it! As always, beautiful job! Altair is coming of age!


I continue to be blown away by what you continue to accomplish in this robot. This is cutting edge stuff.