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@Ellis, how can I reach you to ask a few detailed questions?



I just got back on the site.

Send me an email and I will return to you my phone number.


Here is the information ptp you asked for. It took a little time to create. The servos I used are listed below. The pictures following are of the servos. Servos are listed top to bottom. first picture to last picture. All are Hitec servos.

HS 5495BH
HS 5495MH

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Pictures need to be rotated clockwise once to get the right perspective.


Thanks for the pictures, I'll visualize them Smile to understand the joints angles.


No problem. I was impressed with your profile concerning engineering.


Outstanding! I love ServoCity. The hardest part about working with their building products is figuring out what to choose from. Winky


I have another question. Does anyone know of a sensor system that can send information to Ezb. I want to use both of my arms to remotely control my robots arms. I will be using a VR headset to see my actions on my robot. Any help would be appreciated.


@Ellis Huh? Can you clarify? EZ builder sends info to the ezb.... Maybe it's possible to run a bluetooth device through a UART port of the ezb but since I am not sure what you are asking, maybe it's moot to you...

***EDIT*** Do you mean a Myo armband or Joystick? Then yes, ez builder supports both...


I just looked at the Myo. It looks like a possibility. I would need one for each arm. does ezb have a interface for this item?

What I really want is a device that can strap to my arm and follow my arm and hand movements. These movement signals would be sent to the ezb controller to control each servo. My arm motions would perfectly be mirrored by my ezb robot.

I could then add a vr headset with mic and make my ezb robot do what I want it to do. This type of control will make remote control of my robot seem human.

Any more ideas?