Max The Robot


Just thought I would show a little video of Max showing his moves. Let me know what you think.


Oooops, forgot to attach the video. Looking forward to seeing max!



Here is the URL


Max is GREAT!

Very impressive arm design and super fluid animations. Congrats on making such a wonderful robot! One of my favorites


Thank you so much. I really means a lot coming from you. I will keep working on it. Your inspiration really helps.


Very impressive...nice build!
Give us more! Grin


Yes like Mickey666Maus said!

Oh is that hardware?


Yes. I bought the aluminum servo blocks to add strength and extra bearings smoothness. It was kind of mind boggling figuring all the construction but after installing, uninstalling then installing again I got it. I am done with structure and am now working with program movements. The arms can do just about anything. All they need now is programming and settling on movements I need. Ez-Robot makes that a lot easier. I just wish more people knew about its powerful capabilities.

I was surprised that the other day I upgraded my ezb and Norton Security flagged the software as unknown. Norton said it only had 5 customers that had downloaded software from this company. I think you may want to call them.


Nice build !

That is a Arlo base ! I have one too.

I'm working on a robot Arm (warm gear motors instead of servos)
I would love to see more pics/details of your Arm build,
what kind of servos ? how many DOFs ?


Here is a closeup of right arm and its movements.