Amazon Echo Hacks ?


Has anyone seen or heard of any hacks to the echo yet? Currently, I have my "personal assistant, Antonn" using Alexa. Key voice commands by him operate her when she can perform better than he can. My goal is a future Alexa voice change to male. I have seen some voice changes done on You Tube but they are beyond my skill level.

Has anyone heard of a voice service offering an Alexa's voice?

I think Alexa will be a great incorporation with an EZ-B in the future. Any opinions?



@Andy. There was a discussion here a last week about hacking it. They were saying it could be accesses through the button on the top. I think it was Dave Cohren was giving some advice on how it could be done.

When you get some time could you post the youtube links that show how to change the voice? I looked but can't find. Thanks!


I know about the button but I am looking for for functions. I am curious about any new hacks. I am anxious to see the echo dot used more with the EZ-B.

Give a little time to find the video again. I had been looking in a lot of places, and cleaned out my you tube history.



Hi Dave,

This may help :
Amazon Echo + IBM Watson = Alex Watson (Bruce Winter)

I think there is another one. I will continue to look. Let me know how you make out.



Thanks Andy. This is great.


I am curious if the software guys here, are looking into or have found a way to get Alexa"s voice or get her to read the text to speech from the EZ-B. (I know,,, it isn't a simple thing, but?)

I would like to have a constant voice using the Echo Dot and my EZ-B.

I posted the link using IBM Watson, but I have NO idea what Bruce Winter is talking about.

Any thoughts?



I am also looking to do this very thing. I hope someone has an easy solution.


Hi @ Ellis,

At the present time, my assistant Antonn has many built in abilities from his original programming. Alexa has allowed some additions to be made. It is kind if fun to ask Antonn to do something and have him ask Alexa to do it instead. ( turn on added smart lights and appliances). A fun problem is when I ask him to play some music I want to hear, and he chooses what he wants, not what I want..

I continue to look for ways to change Alexa's voice or get a copy of her voice which will be able to run off of the EZ Builder text to speech.



I use Alexa with my female robot "Lal", and it sounds somewhat similar to her voice.
My Elvis hack robot "Elvia" really needs a male voice!
I have sent feedback requests to Amazon several times requesting a male voice.
-E-mail sent to Amazon today-
Is there any time frame for the Josh AI skill?
See link below.
I am just looking for an option for a male voice.
Thank You

Amazon Customer Service Response
3:45 PM
I understand that you would like to change the device voice to male voice.
I've checked the information and would like to inform you that currently there is no such option available to make it work without voice. I certainly apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.
I will consider your query as a feedback. I wish I could make this feature available for you now, I do understand how convenient it would be for all our customers if this feature become available.
Please know that our developers will work on it and try to make such features available as soon as possible on our website. I've shared your feedback to our concern department.
I'm sorry that I'm not able to promise you a time line by when would this feature be available as it totally depends upon the app developers.
Please understand that as this is a new device and I can understand that it doesn't have all features but we're getting feature requests from many customers and we're forwarding them to development team to looked into then and to implement them if possible.
As with all of our products, we continue to make Alexa better for customers with regular software updates. As soon as this feature become available, we will definitely let you know about this through our website.
If you have any query or would like to give more feedbacks/suggestions, please feel free to write us back. You can give us feedback through e-mail and more ways are available here.
By email:
You can also submit feedback about Alexa using the Amazon Alexa app:
To submit feedback, open the left navigation panel in the Alexa app, and then select "Help & Feedback" > "Send Feedback."
Our Alexa team will review your feedback so that we can improve your experience with Alexa.
In addition to our large selection, one of the benefits we try very hard to offer our customers is convenience. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience you experienced in this case.
We look forward to assist you.
We'd appreciate your feedback. Please use the links below to tell us about your experience today.
Best regards,
Did I solve your problem?
Yes No Your feedback is helping us build Earth's Most Customer-Centric Company.
Thank you.

Josh AI


Hi Steve! Hope all is well and you're doing good. Thought I'd post this vid about Josh: