Ez-robot Lever Servo Brackets For Giant Scale Hitec Hs-805bb


Just messing around with Autodesk 123D (free version) and made some lever servos for the Hitec 805bb and Tower Hobbies TS-80... Not exactly a copy of ez-robot lever servos but obviously heavily influenced by them... Tongue They are not perfect and you may need to so some post printing like filing and sanding. Make sure you drill some small pilot holes when you mount the servo before screwing it down..... Still they work great. I will up load the stls just in case someone has the need to create a giant Six... Just a note the ez-bit male and female connectors were up scaled 1.33 times so if you up scale a six leg for instance by 1.33 times it should fit....
I printed them in ABS on my Up Box at 250 microns and at about 30% infill...

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Nice work!

Off the top of my head, I can't recall the exact model of these Servos, or their size. But a massive hexapod robot ezrobot made for intel idf had brackets made for it. I'll publish the stl files here for you when I'm in front of my pc soon.

They have clips as well. Might save you the trouble if they are the same size.
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@DJ... LOL... Thanks.... you guys beat me to it a long time ago... Geez that is a massive six... Did you ever get it walking?


Oh yeah - it's fully functional. The dome is connected with magnets. The camera works with magnets like the BB8, as well. I don't have a video, but i think jeremie does.

Here's the STL files...









Thanks for the files... I will download them and see what servos they fit...

Cheers Smile


Nice, been looking for ones for the Hs805 servos.


Thanks jer, here it is...

Omg that annoying irritating deathly "scratching" in the background gives me a headache. Worst decision intel ever did was think that was a good idea. It wasn't even music.


Cool.... Clearly, with the right servos/power a Six at least can be up sized... One draw back if you go the route of using the analog Hitec 805bb servo is they use 6V not 7.4V. This means you will have to use a heavier 6v nimh sub C battery pack instead of a 7.4v lipo....


Fun fact, those are 6v rated servos as well. But they are powered with two 7.4v lipos. That is why the servos are twitchy, it's the result of the too much powa!