Side Project - Double Barreled Hobby Tool Holster


I'm not sure why but I felt the need to share this pretty quick side project. It's definitely going to help my work bench at home be far less cluttered Smile

It's a double barreled Hobby tool holster made with 3" PVC pipe.

I cut a couple pieces 8.5" long

User-inserted image

Measured out my metal Strapping

User-inserted image

Drilled some pilot holes in the PVC

User-inserted image

Secured the strapping with some screws

User-inserted image

Made sure the screws weren't poking out

User-inserted image

Found some wood screws to fasten the strapping to the work bench

User-inserted image

Made a center support and bolted it down to the existing strapping

User-inserted image

Fastened the whole thing to the work bench, the strapping was fasten down to the inside and the support to the outside

User-inserted image

Made sure I had a good angle for the Hobby Tools to sit in securely

User-inserted image

Viola, the finished product Smile

User-inserted image


@Jeremie... Talk about timing. I just finished building 2 work benches in my basement for my workshop.... This is a fantastic idea... Thanks man. Off to the Home Depot Smile


Awesome @RR! I knew I had to share it for a reason Smile




@Jeremie, this is a GREAT idea and will definitely be making one of these. I have a heat gun that I never know where to put and making one of these out of metal would be just the job!
Now off to hunt for metal tubing of the right diameter. Smile



On any given project I spend 30% of my time working and the other 70% looking for the tool I just set down! This is pretty sweet. Imagine having room for 10 tubes. I'll definitely be looking for spot for a few of these Smile


Jeremie, thanks for the great idea. I built out a work area last summer. This would be a great addition to it.


Genius. Sometimes the best ideas and solutions are the simplest ones. I always over think, over build and over complicate. Thanks for this lesson in humility by showing a simple solution to a sucky problem.


Thanks for all the positive comments guys! The idea was born from a oil company electronics lab I used to work at. We had 6 work stations and every one of them had a clunky heat gun on the bench top or taking up valuable drawer space. Back in those days it was a single holster, but I figured more = better Winky.