Ez-builder On Mobile Device


Will the EZ-Builder work with all commands etc on windows 10 tablet.


Yes, if you mean a full blown win10 tablet like an Acer Iconia A4


Software options can be viewed on the software page. There is a button on the top menu of the website titled Software. Press the software button and all software options are available: http://www.ez-robot.com/EZ-Builder

Mobile options are on the software page under the mobile tab. Android and iOS are supported. The manual for the mobile tab will display all supported controls


On the mobile tab it lists a Feature called Autonomous Self Navigation

What is that referring to?



Referring to that you can write a script for autonomous self navigation using sensors and cameras. You can find out more about ez-script in the learn section under Activities.


I am running EZ-Builder for Windows on two small devices with Windows 10:

Toshiba Encore 2 10" tablet

Intel 2nd Generation Compute Stick BOXSTK1AW32SC



Thanks for your help. Does running the EZ-Builder include actual programming which is only possible on laptop or pc.
i would like to programme from the tablet.


If your tablet is running Windows, you have the same capabilities as running on a laptop or PC with Windows

I think what may be confusing you are the restrictions listed for the mobile version of EZ Builder which are for IOS or Android tablets.


@westies If your tablet runs full windows 10 then you can do everything that ez builder offers on it... That includes what you referred to as "programme" (albeit without a mouse and keyboard it will hamper you a little).... As long as it is windows 10, it doesn't matter whether you have a tablet , laptop or desktop, ez builder will be fully available... The only limitations are on mobile devices like IOS and android....


Thanks guys ,your input has cleared up my queries.
All the best for 2017.
Regards. Smile Smile