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Communications Error Ez-b V4/2 Wi-fi Robot Controller

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When my new EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller is powered up the on board voice says "Communication Error" over and over, Pushing the reset does not reset the controller. "No Wi-Fi" signal, no connection to router. Anyone else have this problem and fix or should I file a return claim?

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I've never heard of it. Perhaps someone can join in?


Check that the pins are not bent. A connection is not made correctly during the upgrade.


Hi Dj, Pin's are as it arrived new, "Not bent", I just connect the 2 continuous rotation servos and setup joystick then problem. No Open Wi-Fi Report and does not connect to my router (Wi-Fi) as setup successfully.


Video showing pin's and controller voice message


Try taking the boards out of the case and have a look at where the pins connect between the top and bottom boards. Maybe one was misaligned and didn't into the hole when they were assembled at the factory.


Oh, apologies - i misunderstood the post and thought this was a comm v.2/x upgrade.

Are any LED's on the EZ-B lighting?

You visited the EZ-B v4 page and configured it to connect to your router?


Your EZ-B v4 has been operational for a number of connections. The communication board appears to not be functioning any longer. The last successful connection you made was at 12/23/2016 12:52:00 PM.

You can open the EZ-B v4 and look inside to ensure the magnets did not come loose and is causing a short to the COMM board.


Thank You for suggesting, I am not afraid of opening but being less thank a week since receiving my order would it void warranty as unauthorized user access to the internals?


You would have to open it because it is no longer functioning and was indeed functioning. Electrical circuits rarely stop functioning, as there are no moving parts. Warranty on a once-functioning electrical component will require opening a ticket with ezrobot support staff. If you connected something incorrect or accidentally shorted the pins, the comm board can be replaced.

In the meantime, open the case and ensure the magnets are still securely fastened and we'll go from there.