Question With Initialization Of Jd Robot Servo Are Not All Present


sorry i dont speak french.but we will do fine in englich.
tomorrow is fine.i alllreddy looked you up in skype.



It's not a problem, i understand now what you say when you speak about calibration, i have made this but tomorow morning i'll recalibrate all servo to be sure and we can skype at 11:00 am because i want to do this before.

Thank you Patrick and skype you tomorow with my bad english but my happy face Winky)))

good evening

and thanks

oliver Winky Grin


yes we do this from start.leave the bad ankle dissasembled.
we gonna calibrate whithout any bracket or foot assembled.
so the servo can move freely to 90 degree (center)

seeya tomorow whit happy face.

good avening too


what you need to do is follow the calibration lessons from the JD Tutorial:

User-inserted image


hi dj

oliver says he done the complete tutorial step by step.
so there must be something he missed or do not have latest version,
from ez builder.we dont know what device he using.
so i thought it is a good idea to see in skype what oliver does,
step by step.i just cheked the link again for myself.
its really clear and a good video from the ankle.

thank you


Oliver has not completed the following tutorial steps in his user profile for the calibration lessons from the JD Tutorial:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


maybe he didn checked the box and just read it.
am not doing this to undermind your tutorials,
but to be sure the robot working good,and to see,
whats going wrong.bud your wright averybody,
chould read and checked the box.


Hello to all of you, I would like to apologize first because DJ sure to give the right explanation, I have actually done the calibration of all the servos, but not according to the tutorial of the site because I forgot this part And so I calibrate with a servo regulator. Which is not the right way, so I am totally at fault on that and I apologize DJ. It was Patrick (nomad 6r) who put me on the track, indeed he told me that there was a calibration and fine tuning and that it was two different things. So I reconvened this morning and I followed everything and confirmed this time the lessons I had not done. I disassembled and replaced the two servos that had burned and everything reassembled. And there are friends ! This time my jd lights up without force and I was able to start creating the profile for the servos and everything works normally. I had to stop during the creation of the profile because my battery is emptyWinky. I will then charge the battery and finish the end of the profile for the servos. Dj, I will recommend servos this morning, to replace the two I grilled. I still wanted to apologize for my mistake and thank you all for your kindness and availability. EZrobot is professionalism to 100 percent, thank you again friends.

I propose to maintain our skype of 11:00 am if it is always ok for you. I am a beginner in ezrobot and it would be nice to discuss with you the JD and its possibiltés.



hi oliver

i saw the gap in your text about calibration.
am still doing calibrations today.esspecially the fine tuning.
i can do calibration,make motion,or eye movement
show you a few things in ez builder,but for for diff stuff best to post on,
the forum here.

tip after using the robot let him cool off for 30 min before charging.
after charging again let the batt cool off for 30 min
your batt will last longer


Hi Patrick,

Ok , i have just one little question, when i have the screen for configure profile, all etiquettes of servo are not centred on the screen ,i join a printscreen, it's possible to align this labels on the screen ?

Thx you very much

Oliver Smile
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