Ezb Works Only In Jd, Not In Roli


Hi, today i have become for my Project a Rover.
This works great, when i use the Rover in the torso from JD.
But when i put this in my Roli,
i have no function.

Battery is full loaded and i have check the contact. 8,38V
When i activate, the EZB makes nothing.
No flashing, no sounds, really nothing.

Its same as its off.

What can i do?
I have check the distance from the Pins and the contacts,
but its all ok.

Its really stupid.


Does it work if you place it back into JD? You may have a blown fuse.

One thing you can do is adjust the power connection contact on Roli. They may be lose. There's a tutorial in learn section on how to do all this.


I have make this part from the Tutorial from the pins.

The fuse can not be broken.
I measured the voltage at the connector,
Which goes to the EZB.
The fuse is OK.
If the defect, I would have no 8.38V.

I have control the voltage and i have put a visible duct tape on the male connections and after connection i have see,
the male contacts go in the right holes.
The connection is completly right.

I have no idea, what can i do.

Does the EZB need magnets from the JD?
This is the only thing that is different.
However, the whole system is a universal system.
I do not believe that this EZB is tied to JD.

When i use the connection from JD and i use the wires from Roli.
Its work korrect.

And i have make colour an the male connection pins.
After connection was the colour away.
So i think, the connection is complete.


Sorry, Google translate is good, but not great. Are you measuring the voltage at the pins inside the Roli where it connects to the EZ-B? Roli does have an internal fuse between the battery and the connecting pins.



Yes, i have measure the voltage at the Pins inside Roli.

Battery >> Fuse >> Pin << Measure


One last thought then is to make sure the positive and negative are correct. Measure the pins on your JD, and make sure the positive is on the same pin in the ROLI.

Nothing else (other than a loose connection, which you already ruled out) makes sense.



User-inserted image

Now, i have remove the EZB from his case.
So i can see and control the correct connection better

Without Case works in JD, but not in Roli.
Its really stupid.

Now i have share the EZB.
So i can measure the electric directly onboard.
In this picture you see the voltage from the EZB.
But the EZB does not work.

Any other Ideas?
User-inserted image

I have try a new akku and a new fuse.

I have no luck with this project.


found the error.
@techguru , you are right.

Its the polarity.

User-inserted image

Fortunately, the E.Z.B. has a polarity reversal protection.

The service and support is great,
but the Quality from some parts of the hardware need a update.
I hope, its for the moment only.

This is extremely annoying.


I could be wrong, but I think that Roli doesn't sell as much as the other robots and some of the early QA issues are still showing up in shipped product. My Roli that was in the first shipment ever had the H-bridge wired wrong, and we still fairly regularly hear that complaint.

This is the first I have seen the power harness wired backwards though.

Sorry you are experiencing these issues.



Ahh, the story with the quality ends never;-(

Today i want to test my 2 Sonic sensors.
I have buy 2 sensors in November.
I was new with my Robot and have test other stuff.

One sensor was sometimes working but the other
sensor was not working.
I have check this little electronic in the cable.

User-inserted image

This is really bad.
All cables are broken inside the hull.
Problems with care?
The plumps are really big and has become to many heating.
One cable is broken and splitting and make all times a short circuit.
From the 8 cablepoints are 4 ok.
This is not funny.

Now i have fix this issue.

All cables i have removed and soldered.
Then I put a cable binding to the stability.
Now I have a shrink tube attached to each side.
I hope this holds better.

User-inserted image