Sourcing Mini Usb Cam


Hey there I'm looking for suggestions for a usb 1080p 30fps web cam and lens as small as the one sold here at store for the EZB with similar lens size. I've looked around and found a few that have lenses too big (14mm in physical size) for my needs. They don't need (prefer) not to have any housings.

Any input, I would be grateful!


something like this:

User-inserted image

*** EDIT ***
I know is not USB, but how small ?
camera sensor only, or camera plus board like the EZ-R Camera.


That's a csi bus interface, not USB

You're gonna have to find a webcam and take the electronics out.


Yeah I think you right DJ, I'll have to tear apart a web cam and try to get it down to its smallest components. Getting a small enough lens will be a trick! Off to Frys electronics I go.