Irobot 710 Kobra


Hi ptp, thank you very much for your concern.

I had figured that this was one of these cameras and that's why it's never running through its app and its power source is shut down at all times but when I'm using the robot. Also I don't have any port open on my router so when I need to connect remotely I use and encrypted vpn. I'm not using their default settings. Usually what I do with these cameras is connect to them using Onvif device manager which allows you to check pretty much all the cameras settings, including default subnet and any outbound connection. Now I figured that since it's working using a manually set local ip address it shouldn't be too much of a problem, should it?




Also I don't have any port open on my router

Not opening a port in your router per see does not avoid the camera to call home and send data or open a port hole in your router (nat transversal). Some "intelligent" routers have upnp active, basically helps the software to open temporary ports.


manually set local ip address it shouldn't be too much of a problem, should it?

if you want to be sure:

1) get a another wifi router for your home
2) setup a new network (different lan addresses)
3) different wifi password
4) no WAN connection (Internet provider)

Then you connect the safe/unsafe devices to that network and you can switch wifi network on phones or laptops when you need or you can have a device (desktop) connected to both networks.

This is my setup...

If one gadget connected to the "safe" network gets out to the internet, I'll call him Houdini Smile


upnp is never active on my router Smile Nor ping on wan, nor wan control, nor anything going out without going through encrypted vpn set up at the router level directly (great security features on ASUS routers btw). I get that the only safe way is to connect on a different router with no wan connection whatsoever though. I have the extra hardware to do just that. I'll think about it.

Thank you

PS: any news / pictures on how to replace arms' motors with servos? Not talking about the wiring per se but about how to place them properly. When I looked into it I kind of lost courage, fearing to break everything. Usually when I mess with gearing I face impossible reassembly... Grin


Does anyone know how to capture/record the video? I am using a MotoG4 phone with Android to view the video. I am a complete nubie so please don't assume that I know anything.


Just ordered mine. I plan to replace the battery with something bigger and replace the motors and get a better remote and receiver. Any suggestions just let me know. I am army national guard and plan to build something that is cheaper that I can maybe save a life.


I been following this thread pre and post purchase my grandson via Santa Winky got one for Christmas. and grandpa being an electronic tech and been into hardware for many many (to damn many ) moon now.

myself I want to get metal gearing installed in the arms (3d printed would be awesome, reading on that camera. and the the app.

upgrade the battery is also in the plans.

just dealing with a head cold from hell (give you an idea grandpa got a brand new high end pc with vr googles and controllers from Santa and I haven't even opened the boxes I been sleeping to much trying to shake this bug.

but registered this account today to let you know the silent masses are following. and waiting patiently your the first and we well are some sick some lazy, waiting to see how it goes Winky

thank you



one thing I do know you have to do is go in and set all the permissions for the app manually.


I saw this guy on TJmax for $70 and didn’t hesitate in buying it. I will be following this thread and post updates as well. happy hacking!


I also purchased on about 2 weeks ago, used it to remote video in a dangerous burned out house. Worked ok, but lost one of the treads. At the time to save battery power I used the grip to hold an old android phone which I used for a flashlight and to stream video. After losing the tread I had to drop the phone camera back at the entrance and return and pick up the tread. I ran out of battery as it came back to the entrance.

So first thing is to put in a larger battery. I figure the best way is the keep the current battery and add a second one with a low battery failover to the small one. That way your running on "backup" power if main power fails. Having an on board charger or home base would be great so you don't have to remove the battery.

The other issue is a better controller and feedback setup. Without knowing the direction of the arm and other items it's hard to control just by the camera. I think adding multiple cameras could elevate this to a pretty decent remote sensing device.

Another improvement would be better gearing /treads since it seems these will quickly wear out.

The last would be some type of dampening device for the arm to keep it from shaking so much.


re: Irobot 710 Kobra the
agm sla 2.9 ah battery has the same foot print size as the original 12.8v 800mah battery, only taller and with some wired micro alligator clips will fit in the original
battery compartment with no cutting involved. The only drawback is the arm will rest on top of it when fully retracted.