Irobot 710 Kobra


I plan to connect Hbridge drivers for the 9 motors this robot has. These will interface to Ezb. I will set up some kind of switching method to use rc mode or Ezb to retain original functionality.


What kind of feedback mechanism ?

Are base and arm motors same type ?


An elegant solution RB.


I picked one of these up from Toys-r-Us when they had them for $174. Mine still sits in the box though. Looks like rb550f has a great plan.


Wich voltage has the servos from this robot.
This is really cool.

Are the servos compatible with the eZB?



Stiko, It doesn't use servos, it uses motors, so RB550F is going to need to use H-Bridges to control them, and probably install pots or some other feedback mechanism for position control.



The Irobot uses 12.8 volt lithium battery with DC motors. Feedback pots will probably be used.


au Backe.

Thats bad.
So iam unteresting for updates and a good manual for this project.
Good luck


So I got one of these and the plastic claw actuator that opens and closes the claw lost two teeth. The claw won't open unless I assist it.

New Bright basically told me replacement and repair parts aren't available and to check hobby stores and eBay.

Anyone know a good source for parts online?

Thanks in advance,



I try to buy one can't find them any where. Doesn't it use an RC receiver that you can plug right into EZ, that is what I did with my rc 4x4 truck