This has been an on then off then on again relationship. I keep adding or changing my Inmoov. And when I start scripting or new auto-position it seems I have to remember where I left off. Lol

i'm using the same base but want to eventually print the legs, not to walk which really don't think it will ever happen. But maybe motor wheels in the feet?

I'm waiting for cooler weather as my 3D printr is in the garage, to hot to print then I'm going to start on bhouston and Perry_s redesigned flix Inmoov hands.

Picture for now maybe one day some videos.

User-inserted image


@merne Good looking inMoov. You did well hiding the the typical rats nest of wiring that inmoov's usually have...


Totally agree on that. Clean wire routing really kicks it off. I need to get on that with mine.


Thanks Richard R. I need to figure out a video but I my never top your Bartender.

Thanks Perry_s.


Inmoov Robit, as my wife calls it has lights.